Dustin Frame: Mandolin

When a band member leaves it is always a chore finding a replacement to fill the hole left in the band. When Dustin Frame came to try out I expected him to be a pretty good fit. What I didn't expect was for a 23 year old kid from Gassaway, WV to come in, and tear down the house with it. Dustin plays with a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious. With a playing style all his own and a range of influences that spans 70 years, it's no wonder that he plays well beyond where his age says he should.

Brennan Hess: Guitar, Vocals

When a person is surrounded by music and musicians from birth, it is a near certainty that music will be a large part of that person's life.  Brennan Hess is a case in point.  Growing up in Adams County, Ohio, Brennan grew up in a musical family. His mom, uncles, cousins, grandfathers, and grandmothers all played music, so it seems only logical that he would do the same, and he has. He plays guitar, bass, sings all the parts, and does some engineering at 7flat studio with me. He is a tremendous assett to the band and everything else he is involved in.

Brady Wallen: Banjo, Vocals

Brady Wallen attends East Tennessee State University, studying in their well known Bluegrass program and is a veteran of the ETSU Pride Band. Brady has also played with Southern Son, Virgil Bowlin and Peerless Mountain, all based out of Williamsburg, KY where he was raised. 

Brady began playing banjo four years ago and is also a fluent guitar player. He started playing guitar at just 7 years old along with his very musical family. His Grandpa is a banjo picker which inspired him to learn to play it also. His professional influences include JD Crowe and Terry Baucom.

Brady is looking forward to a future with the Clay Hess Band and humbled by the opportunity.

Irl Hees: Bass, Vocals

 If you've been around bluegrass at all over the past 25 years you have probably met Irl Hees. Irl began playing professionally in 1995 when he joined Rhonda Vincent's country band. In 1996, he was part of the original RAJ'E band, which later became Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. Irl then joined Chris Jones and the Night Drivers appering on the "Just A Town" album. Then in 2002 Irl took a job with the Lonesome River Band and held down the bass duties there for several years, recording "Window of Time" during his tenure there. Over the years you may have seen him on the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Music City Roots, or Larry's Country Diner just to name a few. He will occasionally work with actress Mare Winningham, was Miles Cleverly of the Cleverly Trio, was the bassist for Roy Rogers Jr. In short, he had done about everything at one time or another.  Except play music in the Clay Hess Band, which he is doing now.